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Christian Educator Training Program

educator-program-buttonFill out contact form below for more information or directly enroll in the next course. (Need help enrolling? Go here.) The free 30 minute course survey/introductory video can be viewed at the bottom of this page. Also, check out our Apologetics and Literary Apologetics certificate programs.

“Developing qualified teachers is not about using the curriculum, but equipping the teacher with a skill set of knowledge and ability.  With this new program, Anthony Horvath has addressed the needs of local churches by creating a way to systematically convey the basics of biblical knowledge and theological awareness.  With a keen eye toward apologetics and the questions students have, Anthony has developed a great gift that will bless any Bible teaching ministry.” Pastor Jamie Greening

Athanatos Christian Ministries is an apologetics ministry seeking to ground fellow Christians in the truth of Christianity–true in faith and fact. Several formats for the educator training program are available. Each format is designed with Sunday School teachers, Bible Study instructors, and other lay leaders in mind and has three components:

  • Bible Knowledge
  • Apologetics Emphasis
  • Classroom Management

Each format will seek to give an overarching plan to the Scriptures, cover important areas of ‘mere theology’, and address how to apply Christian truths in the practical context of a Sunday School classroom, youth bible study, etc.

Bible Knowledge

Participants will get a good look of the overall plan of the Old and New Testaments in order to put the theological aspects into a broader framework. With that framework in place, three important areas of Christian doctrine are explored under the headings of these three questions: “What about God?” “What about Jesus?” “What about Man?” A section termed ‘Mere Theology’ and is presented alongside and in similar manner to C.S. Lewis’s “Mere Christianity.” The course is designed to avoid areas of theological controversy (among conservative Christian churches).

Apologetics Emphasis

The fact that Christianity is under assault all around us is obvious to everyone, these days. Whether someone is 8 years old, or 15, or 30, or 80, questions and challenges to Christianity are common. This course cannot address them all, but it will present the Bible Knowledge components with an eye towards questions that often arise when certain topics come up. In addition, the course begins with a section titled “Questions Kids Ask” and concludes with a section titled “Things Kids Should Know.” By ‘Kids’ we mean every Christian!

Classroom Management

The course’s primary designer is Anthony Horvath. A classroom teacher for four years with an additional three years as a director for Christian education at a church in Wisconsin, Anthony has a great deal of experience presenting material to groups of all ages. While this component of the course is not as emphasized as the other two, the helpful tips for managing groups and classrooms will give the instructor increased confidence that what they hope to convey during a session actually will be conveyed.

Note: This is an actual course that a student takes, not a course that a teacher teaches. However, a pastor or DCE could adapt it easily.

Available Formats:

  • 8 Week Online Course with optional ‘certificate of completion’ available
  • Skype/Virtual Instruction by Anthony Horvath or another staff member of ACM.
  • On-site instruction by Anthony Horvath or another staff member of ACM.


  • 8 week online course:  $200 per student with group rates available [presently discounted to $100 each]
  • ‘Live’ instruction (virtual or on site):  $200 per student with group rates available

Group rates:

  • 3 students — $525
  • 5 students — $750
  • 10 students — $1,000 (and $100 for each student thereafter up to 20 students total per session).

There are no additional fees for a ‘virtual’ seminar through Skype/online conferencing, but on site instructional seminars where an ACM instructor will travel requires payment for hotel, food, and travel expenses, plus a $250/day honorarium (2 day minimum honorarium). The visit can be structured according to the schedule and needs of the congregation.

Transaction Fees

No matter how the payments are made, the student will be asked to cover the transaction charges (ie, many credit cards charge 3% per transaction, and more if it is international) if there are any.  Some forms of payment (like Dwolla) have no transaction charges.

A La Carte

All courses can be taken ‘a la carte.’ You don’t have to enroll in one of our certificate programs to take them. Just go to the academy course interface and sign up for the course you want following these instructions.

Format of the 8 week course:

  • All online
  • Supplemental videos pertaining to specific topics.
  • Selected readings and assignments.
  • If course is interactive/facilitated, two 90 minute virtual conferences will take place, too, allowing real time Q+A with the facilitator.

Total time required by each student each week: 2-5 hours, most of it on their own schedule.


If a congregation wishes to have assurance of successful completion of the course, additional accountability measures can be required, and a certificate of completion can be sent at the end. These accountability measures include:

  • An online quiz each week to ascertain comprehension and participation
  • A weekly 200-500 written assignment geared towards having the participant apply what they’ve learned
  • Records of involvement, such as detailing that videos were actually watched
  • Final online ‘exam’ that once again is geared towards applying what has been learned. (1,000 words)

Note: an individual or small group taking this course is certainly welcome to accept the additional accountability steps and receive a certificate of completion at the end.

For an additional fee of $25 per student, a congregation may request a more detailed activity report that includes actual quiz results (rather than simply the assurance that it was taken) and copies of the essays submitted. Note, the participant must be made aware before the course begins that this material will be passed along.

The eight week course is designed so that it can be taken interactively or self-guided. If it is taken in self-guided fashion, it can be taken any time. If it is to be taken interactively, it will need to be coordinated with a facilitator. The cost is the same in either case.

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