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Executive Director

Dr. Anthony Horvath is the Executive Director of Athanatos Christian Ministries, the hosting organization of the academy. He has doctorate and masters degree in philosophy and apologetics and a BA in pastoral ministry, with a minor in Biblical languages.  He has taught 7th-12th grade religion, college level Greek, apologetics, Christian Thought, and taught all…

Apologetics Certificate Book Module List

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ACM’s Apologetics Certificate offers a unique approach to deepening one’s apologetics knowledge by grounding the student in the whole history of Christian thought and building a library of important apologetics works at the same time.
There are four courses, each consisting of 3-4 modules.  A ‘module’ entails the reading…

Literary Apologetics Course Descriptions

8 out of the 16 courses required for completion of the literary apologetics certificate are regular offerings by the apologetics academy. The other 8 courses are designed with literary apologetics in mind and are listed below. This list is subject to revision.
Required Courses:
Principles of Literary Apologetics
Suitable for both Christian writers and Christian apologists,…

Apologetics Certificate Program

The Athanatos Online Academy Apologetics Certificate aims to equip the student with the critical information to help them understand why Christianity is reasonable and respond to the challenges posed by the world at large, while laying the groundwork for future, independent learning.
There are many avenues open to students today for pursuing apologetics degrees,…