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Apologetics Summer Academy

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Athanatos Christian Ministries has been offering educational opportunities for nearly a decade. Coming this summer, July 24 – August 4, 2017, ACM will offer its first ‘summer academy.’ The academy will be an in-depth investigation into the foundations of the Christian faith, with a deliberate emphasis on practical application of Christian apologetics (vocational…

Christian Educator Training Program


Fill out contact form below for more information or directly enroll in the next course. (Need help enrolling? Go here.) The free 30 minute course survey/introductory video can be viewed at the bottom of this page. Also, check out our Apologetics and Literary Apologetics certificate programs.
“Developing qualified teachers is not about using the curriculum, but…

Literary Apologetics Certificate Program


Athanatos Christian Ministries has a unique approach to apologetics: We believe that the culture itself has a tremendous impact on what one believes and that the culture in turn is heavily influenced by the arts. Christianity is often undermined by cultural undercurrents, but historically Christians themselves have been highly involved in contributing to the cultural conversation.…

Apologetics Certificate Program


The Athanatos Online Academy Apologetics Certificate aims to equip the student with the critical information to help them understand why Christianity is reasonable and respond to the challenges posed by the world at large, while laying the groundwork for future, independent learning.
There are many avenues open to students today for pursuing apologetics degrees,…