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Apologetics Certificate Program


1The Athanatos Online Academy Apologetics Certificate aims to equip the student with the critical information to help them understand why Christianity is reasonable and respond to the challenges posed by the world at large, while laying the groundwork for future, independent learning.

There are many avenues open to students today for pursuing apologetics degrees, many of them similar to each other (and similar to what ACM had been doing). In 2012, ACM reshaped its certificate programs in order to offer something truly unique.  The certificate is now oriented towards taking students through a series of books that have had a monumental effect on Christian thought while having them interact directly with those hostile to the Christian faith.

Each module has an ‘index’ book that sets the stage for thinking through the other books in that module.  Ultimately, the students will work through 70-80 books, most of them having had a unique impact on the history of Christian thought.  The books are not necessarily Christian.  In fact, many are written by people who were hostile to the Christian faith.  To see the full list of the books click here.

There are discounts and scholarships available.  Please go here for more details.

Module Structure and Requirements

Analysis Paper — 5,000 word paper that reviews, analyzes, and synthesizes the content of the ‘index’ book and relates it to the supporting books and connects it with contemporary applications.

Paper ‘Defense’ — 2-3 hour discussion with academy instructors, guest instructors, and fellow certificate students.

Hostile Presentation — 2-3 week online conversation where an argument based on a thesis inspired by the module is presented to a hostile audience and defended. A ‘debriefing’ by academy instructors follows.

Monthly Conversations — 1-2 times a month, student will meet with academy instructor(s) through online conferencing to analyze what is being learned within the module and critique the analysis paper while it is in progress.

Students in the certificate program will enjoy heightened interaction with the directors and course facilitators of ACM, helping the student through their reading and research projects and addressing questions and problems as they arise. A student must expect to be challenged by the directors, pushing them to excel in their knowledge and learning of the topic being researched. Iron sharpens iron.

Lastly, a final integrative paper will be written by the student which takes the students Apologetics training and research, and integrates it with their intended goals and objectives. More details on the final paper will be given for those who submit inquiries about the certificate program.

The cost of the certificate program depends on how many payments that are made.

  • $2,500 if a single payment is made (must be paid prior to beginning the program).
  • $3,000 if more than one payments is made (payments can be structured creatively, but must be paid within 18 month time frame).
  • No matter how the payments are made, the student will be asked to cover the transaction charges (ie, many credit cards charge 3% per transaction, and more if it is international) if there are any.  Some forms of payment (like Dwolla) have no transaction charges.

All courses can be taken ‘a la carte.’ You don’t have to enroll in one of our certificate programs to take them. Just go to the academy course interface and sign up for the course you want following these instructions.

To apply for the certificate program you must contact the director to begin payment options and discuss goals and objectives. Your enrollment will be handled directly by AOA staff.  Scholarships are available, as well.  To apply for them, contact the director for that, too.

This certificate can be obtained within 12 months if a student is diligent, but 18 months is more realistic. Participants have 3 years to obtain their certificate.

Those enrolled in the certificate program are required to purchase Peter Kreeft and Ronald Tacelli’s Handbook of Christian Apologetics: Hundreds of Answers to Crucial Questions and James Agresti’s Rational Conclusions.



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