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Praise and Appreciation for Athanatos Ministries’ Academy of Apologetics

Athanatos Ministries’ Academy of Apologetics is truly a first-rate educational opportunity for those interested in learning more about their Christian faith. After my seminary coursework I was looking for a way to continue learning about theology, apologetics, and the text of the Bible that was flexible yet thorough, while at the same time allowing for a productive student-instructor interaction and is affordable. For that, I had to look no further than Athanatos’ course offerings. Athanatos offers the student the choice of enrolling in a certificate program in either traditional apologetics or literary apologetics, or simply learning more about their faith through individual courses in a number of areas of theology, apologetics, and biblical studies. Each course has lots of interesting material that covers all of the pertinent areas of that study, and the information is absorbed through the use of weekly activities that are not only interesting, but enjoyable.

If you are interested in increasing your knowledge about your faith, both for your personal growth as well as to increase your ability to share your faith and to teach others, I highly recommend Athanatos Minstries’ Academy of Apologetics.

Reverend Randall Hroziencik, Ph.D.

  • Could you demonstrate that Jesus was the Christ from the Old Testament alone? The first Christians did.
  • If someone said that the Da Vinci Code proves Jesus was just a man and the Church just a pack of liars, would you know how to respond?
  • If a Jehovah Witness argued with you about what the Greek text ‘really says’ would you know where to start?
  • If an atheist asserted that Christianity is just a borrowed myth, stealing from Mithra and Osiris, could you stand up to him?

Are you afraid to talk about your reasons for being a Christian because there are so many questions you know you don’t have the answers to?

Maybe it is time to change that. Maybe we can help.

Our 3-5 week modules are designed with the busy person in mind. At an affordable cost and for just a few hours a week, you can become acquainted with some of the most important apologetics resources available. You’ll learn about the facts of your faith and lay a foundation for further, independent study.  These courses are available throughout the year on a ‘self-guided’ basis. Start and finish on your own timeline. However, three times a year–in October, February, and May–facilitators will be ‘on duty.’  Time your enrollment for those periods if you want interaction with teachers and facilitators.

The highest amount of interaction is offered to those who enroll in either our Apologetics Certificate Program or our Literary Apologetics Certificate Program.

Our Apologetics Certificate Program is for the person who wants to truly familiarize themselves with a wide spectrum of Christian thought and prepare themselves for even deeper study. Whether for mere personal study or to help in the course of your ministry, you will find that our certificate program gives you the tools you need. ACM’s program is completely unique;  no other certificate programs are like it! Think of it as a ‘Great Books’ approach from an apologetics perspective. Learn more.

Our Literary Apologetics Certificate Program was inspired by ACM’s belief that the defense of the Christian faith should be mounted through the arts in our culture. ACM hosts a number of Christian writing contests and publishes books, with an emphasis on integrating a defense of the faith into storytelling (ie, through fiction). Our Literary Apologetics Certificate Program is aimed to help both apologists and authors think about how to communicate the Christian worldview in our ever-increasingly diverse, and often hostile, world.

Our Christian Educator Training Program has new Sunday School teachers and youth group leaders in mind–and their pastor.  Many people do not feel they know enough about the Bible to teach it, so they choose not to become involved.  Others might feel like their knowledge of the Bible is fine but their ability to answer objections is limited.  There is no substitute for serious study, but our training program will instill confidence and give direction to those who take their duties as a Christian educator seriously.  Our training program also touches on issues related to ‘classroom management.’  Our first session began Feb 1st, 2013.  Sign up now!

All courses can be taken ‘a la carte.’ You don’t have to enroll in one of our certificate programs to take them. Just go to the academy course interface and sign up for the course you want following these instructions.

Who might be interested in our courses?

  • The youth director who wants to be able to answer the hard questions put to him.
  • The high school senior looking for reliable material to share with classmates.
  • The college student confronted with secular challenges to his faith and wondering why one earth he didn’t learn anything useful in Sunday School for dealing with hard nosed professors.
  • The parent who knows that if he doesn’t pass along the facts of the faith to his children, no one will.
  • The pastor who knows that apologetics is important but doesn’t know where to start.
  • The Bible student who wants to go deeper.
  • The atheist tired of Christians insisting that he doesn’t have his facts straight on Christianity or the Bible.
  • The author who wants to make sure he or she has their doctrine right
  • The apologist that wants to know how Christian thought has progressed through the centuries
  • The author or apologist interested in intentionally working through the arts to advance the Kingdom